Social Media is the most powerful communication tool in our world today. It´s the same media channel that has created overnight celebrities and sparked historical revolutions that bought down government regimes all over the world. Social Media isn´t a fad it´s a fundamental shift in the way that we communicate.

Information Age Marketing is pioneering the next generation of Social Media and business integration. We have designed a Social Media marketing system so powerful that it will increase your sales by 21% in 60 days, GUARANTEED.

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About Information Age Marketing

Information Age Marketing is a collection of highly passionate, forward thinking internet marketing professionals that spans half way around the globe. We seek only to attract the most experienced talent in the internet marketing industry from the U.S. to India to the Philipines and beyond. Our mission is to increase profits for our clients so that they can take more vacations during the Great Recession                                        more . . .

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    Information Age Marketing Specializes in Atlanta Lead Generation   Atlanta, Georgia (FPRC) October 12, 2010 --Social media marketing is one of ...



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