About Information Age Marketing

Information Age Marketing was formed out of a need to help the traditional business owner who that is seeking to create leverage in their business during these challenging economic times. Founded by Will Lane in 2009, as a commercial banker Will saw a number of good businesses fail due to the recession. Looking for a way to help he got involved in Internet Marketing. Using the online strategies that he learned he was able to help a number of businesses prosper during very challenging times. After enjoying much success he then expanded his services and formed Information Age Marketing in 2011.

Today Information Age Marketing provides a host of internet, mobile and traditional marketing consulting services across the United States. Our strategies are designed to simply do one thing, drive more traffic to your business. Unlike traditional marketing consultants we don't promote more advertising as a way of growing profits, we believe the best way to grow is to start by communicating better with those who are already doing business with you.

The core principles of Information Age Marketing are integrity and excellence in the execution and delivery of some of the most innovative marketing strategies on the planet. We are passionate about delivering the most value for our clients available in the marketplace anywhere.  Our mission is to increase profits for our clients so that they can stop worrying and take more vacations during the Great Recession.