Creative Marketing Consulting

When you have the right information and combine it with the right application making money is easy. At Information Age Marketing we have an entire system of strategies that are designed to drive traffic and generate cash. We utilize a unique combination of finely tuned marketing systems, advertising campaigns, joint-venture strategies, deal making methods, sales copy writing, internet marketing strategies, mobile marketing applications and other strategies with proven track records of bringing in cash - almost overnight.





We do the homework for you by understanding first what's happening in your industry, what your competition is doing and looking at where the next opportunities lie. Imagine having a member of your team who is there to tell you the most compelling words to use, the phone calls to make, the letters to write, offers to pitch, scripts to use, emails to send, text messages to blast, mobile apps to design, websites to create you want more? Well good because we have tons of techniques and strategies that will influence your clients to give you money. Our focus is centered around 7 areas:






  • Existing Customer Relationships
  • Joint Venture Relationships
  • Sales Activity
  • Internet Marketing/Social Media/SEO
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Prospecting/Lead Generation
  • Mobile Marketing


Ultimately success in business comes down to numbers. How many people are you engaging, educating and promoting your offers to on a daily basis? To run an effective marketing campaign takes a lot of time. If you’re busy running a business you’re probably better off hiring a professional, we can help. Call us: 1-800-270-8774.