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Atlanta, Georgia (FPRC) October 12, 2010 --Social media marketing is one of the most powerful methods businesses have for marketing and promoting their products and services. Information Age Marketing an international social media company based in Atlanta, Ga. specializes in utilizing social media and mobile media to increase sales and brand awareness for small businesses worldwide.


“We believe we’ve put together the best social media marketing program I’ve seen anywhere,” said Mark Stein, Marketing Program Director at Information Age Marketing. “Small businesses were initially slow to catch on but they’re slowly starting to see that social media isn’t going anywhere its here to stay.”


Social media marketing involves more than just opening an account on Facebook or Twitter. Social media sites also include popular video and photo sites such as YouTube and Flickr. The experts at Information Age Marketing establish a presence on multiple social media sites that introduces their clients to the online community.


Social media sites are the online equivalent of word of mouth advertising. Billions of Internet users visit their Twitter and Facebook accounts each day, providing a wealth of opportunities to connect and interact with potential customers. Social media sites can be used to announce special offers, deals and sales, as well as provide money saving coupons. They provide excellent opportunities to promote customer service and create lead generation.


The firm is experienced in working with videos and video sites such as YouTube. Internet users want information delivered in a quick and entertaining way. They’re willing to invest time viewing a video that they would never devote to reading. Videos can provide three times the information in a fraction of the time it would take visitors to read a page of text. Faced with a text-based site, most Internet users will simply close the page and look elsewhere for what they need.


Information Age Marketing also provides mobile marketing services. With over 1 billion mobile devices currently in use worldwide, mobile marketing offers a vast untapped well for Atlanta lead generation and potential customers. Mobile marketing makes use of a special number that users of mobile devices can call or text for more information, take advantage of special deals and redeem coupons. “Mobile Media is the next wave of marketing,” said Will Lane, a Marketing Specialist at Information Age Marketing. “There is a tremendous amount of capital being invested in mobile media right now. We’re very excited about what we see on the horizon.”


Businesses can offer games, ringtones and applications to generate interest. When a mobile user accesses the number, they’re giving the business permission to contact them with offers in the future. Limited time campaigns can be conducted that require individuals to contact friends or attain a specific level of interest before the deal can be activated.


Information Age Marketing also provides press release writing and submission services to create interest and increase visibility. Atlanta marketing press releases can provide blanket coverage or targeted to specific audiences. Press releases help build brand familiarity and significantly increase the potential for new customers.


SEO services are available that provide higher rankings in search engine results. Most people don’t bother to look past the first page of search results, and many don’t view anything after the first five. SEO makes websites attractive to search engines for higher rankings. People no longer turn to the phone book to find businesses. They conduct online searches and businesses that don’t rank highly are losing customers to those that do.


Information Age Marketing is a full service, one stop solution for social media marketing. The firm’s Atlanta internet marketing and lead generation services ensures client businesses are receiving the attention and exposure they deserve to the widest possible audience. The company has an array of techniques and strategies they employ to increase their clients’ customer base and sales.


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